Sunday, 6 November 2011

Broken Barnet: "I am Mr Mustard", "I am Mr Mustard", "I am Mr Mustard" (Spartacus metaphor, gettit?)

"Freedom of Expression: another victory for the Barnet bloggers"

Link to Mrs Angry's Broken Barnet

"Just when you think the London Borough of Barnet has reached the absolute limits of idiocy, whoops, up pops another revelation which extends the reach of corporate absurdity, way beyond anything we have yet seen.

"Yesterday one of the Barnet bloggers, Roger Tichborne, received a Freedom of Information response, sent way beyond the statutory time limit, as most of the most 'sensitive' responses tend to be in our authority. This is because, as we have seen, information, in Broken Barnet, is a dangerous substance, and must be handled with care, and sensitive information is usually only released after the most stringent measures have been taken to defuse the potentially inflammatory nature of its contents. Some things slip through, of course.

"In this case, a few questions were asked about any monitoring of Barnet blogs. ..."

"The council has responded to various FOI requests from:
'blank' who we understand to be the blogger 'blank', who blogs at 'blank'. 
What? They mean Mr Mustard, of course, and I have permission to out him as such, but I think it is more amusing to carry on referring to 'Mr Blank' ..."

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  1. yes,yes, very good, baarnett, although not one of Mrs Angry's favourite films ...