Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Second Pinkham Way Alliance music event in a week!

"The Pinkham Way Alliance presented their first ever rock night at the Bank Pub in New Southgate. Daddy Those Men Scare Me, headed the bill and were supported by Beatles tribute band Nowhere Men.

"Nowhere Men kicked off with some classic Beatles numbers, and there was a powerful rendition of Neil Diamond’s classic Love on the Rocks by Dave Watts.

"The Daddies put on a fantastic show, reworking some iconic early punk classics as well as doing themselves proud with their own fantastic homegrown produce! 

"They ‘were amazing, a really tight band’, said local resident Emma Burnett.

"They closed with their new anthem F*ck it. Burn it, an energetic diatribe denouncing current thinking on Energy From Waste (EfW), aptly focusing the crowd on the reason that all were there in the first place - to help raise awareness about the inappropriate proposals for Pinkham Wood being pushed by Barnet Council and the North London Waste Authority."

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