Friday, 25 November 2011

Barnet Conservative Councillor, condemned Pinkham Way, now wins case against fellow councillor

Report from Mrs Angry's 'Broken Barnet' web site:

[Yesterday's hearing, brought by Kate Salinger (left)] was in Hendon Town Hall. Mrs Angry thought, as she sat idly musing throughout the six-hour epic meeting, it was really a trial of old-style values. The idea of public service for its own sake and integrity in the democratic processes of local government, [was facing up to] the mutant brand of brutal, self serving conservatism that we have here in Broken Barnet.

The Amusing
... Andreas Tambourides, the subject of the complaint, introduced himself and reminded everyone that he was a member of the very same standards sub-committee which was hearing the complaint against him. Mrs Angry tried not to laugh.

Several times during this hearing, in fact, a certain legal officer turned round to look disapprovingly at Mrs Angry, just for sniggering very quietly in her seat. Mrs Angry would like to point out to the same officer that it is very rude to slip your shoes off under the table in the middle of a serious council meeting, and twiddle your bare toes as if you were at the seaside.
The Serious
Let's reduce all the arguments and processes - six hours of them - down to the essential points. The investigation found that Tambourides [right] had breached the council code in not showing respect, and in misusing council resources.

He was ordered to attend a course of appropriate training in the members code of conduct. He must also submit a written apology to Kate Salinger, for the distress he has caused her.

Kate Salinger was the only Tory who had the courage and integrity to refuse to support the abominable allowance rise vote last year. After doing so, she was treated in the most vile fashion by each and every other member of her own party, who stood by and allowed her to be subjected to an immediate public humiliation, a ritual punishment, the vengeful stripping of all her council posts. They were positions that I have no doubt she undertook with commitment, honesty and dedication, unlike so many other of her lazy, greedy, feckless Conservative colleagues.

When this was done, and Kate Salinger left the chamber in tears, significantly, it was a female Labour councillor who came to her assistance, and offered her support. What does it say about the bullies, whimpering cowards and absolute bastards who constitute the rest of the Conservative group on Barnet Council, that they could stand by and let this happen? That they continued to lack the courage to support her openly, even though some of them later privately expressed their horror at what had happened?

Link to additional report in the 'Barnet Press'. 

June 2011:
Statement from Cllr Kate Salinger, Coppetts Ward, Barnet Council:

Kate Salinger
"I am opposed to Pinkham Way for many reasons: for instance, there are 40 schools within 1500 m radius of the site, and 27 recreational facilities. It is, in my view, likely that there will be odour and fumes from the waste plant, which may well spread even wider than this radius. The fumes, including from the extra traffic, will be noxious.

"The proliferation of heavily-used roads in that area is great. We have Colney Hatch Lane, Station Road, Friern Barnet Road, Bowes Road and the North Circular itself. The extra 1200 traffic movements that we will have, if the scheme is passed, will not be small cars. Most of them will be large lorries, with all the accompanying exhaust fumes that they bring.

"Scientific studies have proved that people who live close to excess traffic fumes are more likely to have lung and breathing disorders, heart problems, low birth weights, and lower than average mortality. Coppetts Ward already has the earliest mortality rate in Barnet. Pinkham Way will most certainly not help that sorry statistic, if the waste facility is built.

"We are used to gridlock in the Tesco area, and the extra traffic movements will certainly not alleviate that. The morning and evening rush hours last for more than an hour each, and there is no doubt in my mind that the traffic will become an even greater problem for local people, than it already is.

"Tesco has to shut its car park at least once a week, as traffic surrounding it draws to a standstill. Already their sales are down since last year. This may not be a great concern to me, as I am a fan of local shops, but it does indicate that there is already a problem in the area.

"I voted in full Council against Barnet adopting the ‘North London Waste Plan’, as I did not agree that there should be a waste disposal facility built on the Pinkham Way site, as it is far too close to residential homes. There is no proof that living close to these facilities is safe. The science may be there, proving it one way or the other, in 50 years time, but it is not there yet!

"I could not vote for anything that might adversely affect people’s health. I have never voted for a mobile phone mast to be erected anywhere near residential accommodation, for the same reason."

"I have actually mentioned the proposal to build the site in three of my newsletters since October 2009. I held a meeting to discuss the matter in late 2009 in Coppetts Ward. I leafleted locally about the consultations NLWA held earlier this year. I really HAVE tried to communicate this matter to the residents of the ward.

"Theresa Villiers and I produced a leaflet telling people we were against the scheme, which highlighted the recent meeting, organised by David Burrowes MP. We paid for it to be delivered to the whole ward earlier that week. We haven’t yet found anyone who received it. Heads may roll!"

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  1. I am so pleased that Kate Salinger won her complaint: it was a vindication of her integrity, and reminded us all of the appalling treatment she received at the hands of her colleagues last year. She is a rare thing in this borough: a Tory councillor with a sense of honour, and a conscience.