Wednesday, 30 November 2011

'Trial by Jeory' site: "London’s Olympics and the 'blood of Bhopal' "

Link to 'Trial by Jeory' web site

"I’ve written this article in today’s Sunday Express about the extraordinary decision by Seb Coe’s Locog to allow Dow Chemical to sponsor part of the 2012 Olympic stadium. Dow will be paying for a £7million 'wrap' (that’s a sort of colourful curtain wrapped around the outside of the stadium to make it more attractive). Dow’s name will be emblazoned on it in the months leading up to the Games next year.

"The Bhopal victims’ groups are to complain to the Indian PM; they want him to write to David Cameron. (Sports Minister Hugh Robertson welcomed the decision, saying he was 'delighted'!) I wonder what possessed usually sure-footed Coe to make such a gaffe as he entered the home straight."

(The web site includes comment that land contamination is the current main issue, rather than just the aftermath of the poisonous gas escape.)

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