Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fowl air: Chickens coming home to roost

Link to Bounds Green & District Residents Association

"If anyone is still unsure quite why the bgdra and the Pinkham Way Alliance are fighting the Pinkham Wood proposal quite so hard, then they should read this article. The North London Waste Authority plans will undoubtedly make the pollution in our district even worse than it is currently. Not only will thousands of extra traffic movements bring extra filth to our air, but the NLWA wants to build an 80ft stack (chimney to you) to deal with all the extra pollution it will inevitably generate on site.

"To make things worse, the Government report highlights that commercial needs are outweighing public health needs as this extract shows:
“30,000 deaths in the UK were linked to air pollution in 2008 – with 4,000 in London alone. But business plans produced by the Department for Transport and Defra do not even mention air quality – despite a commitment in the Coalition agreement to work towards full compliance with EU air quality standards.”
"The fact remains that thousands are dying in London because of air borne pollution and the NLWA plans will almost certainly make it worse for all of us in Bounds Green. We will keep fighting against the Pinkham Way plans, and keep fighting for good air quality."

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