Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bowes Ward, Enfield Labour Party comment on the NLWA statement

[That statement is the earlier NLWA posting below; do keep up!]

Link to Bowes Labour

"... What particularly gets us is the final paragraph to their communiqué:
However, whatever definition is eventually applied following the inspector’s report, we firmly believe the proposals put forward by the Authority and Barnet last year for the Pinkham Way site are appropriate and compatible with the site’s designation for employment use and associated nature conservation. The site may also be specifically suitable, and allocated for waste use, subject to the outcome of the North London Waste Plan examination hearing in June.
"If NLWA remains convinced that the proposal put forward by Haringey and Barnet (not Enfield, you'll notice) are 'appropriate and compatible' for Pinkham Way to go ahead - irrespective of the current intermediary stage - that means that they do not consider Haringey itself the final decision-maker, and are planning on going ahead regardless of what Haringey says. 

"Which then intimates that we have been right to predict, as we've done all along, that NLWA will be willing to take Pinkham Way as high as possible to get it approved. Which really really frightens us - have they already received assurances of support at the higher (GLA) level? And if true, how might we overturn this?

"Our only hope would be to know which people on top (GLA? above?) are in cahoots with NLWA. But who knows which people are involved?

"Whoever knows that should be lobbying them openly now."

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