Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wastersblog: "WRAP’s Plans for a United Kingdom Without Waste"

WRAP revealed its business plan for 2011-15 back in October 2011. In this article, Wastersblog takes a look at what this means for local authorities, and the waste and resource management industry.

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"While recycling remains extremely important to WRAP, the work WRAP will be doing to implement the plan is just one, albeit important, aspect.

"In an article published by the CIWM, its spokesman said:
“Funders are keen that we move up the hierarchy and the balance changes from recycling and waste prevention, but going forward we [will] need to be doing more at the top of the hierarchy, in waste prevention.

“We’re trying to move up the hierarchy towards more reuse and prevention, but recycling is incredibly important, and continuing to deliver that in the best way possible is vital in achieving WRAP’S business plan.”

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