Friday, 13 April 2012

City Hall elections: Green Party campaign on Pinkham Way

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"Once the 3rd May London Assembly Elections are over, the North London Waste Authority will resubmit its plan for a huge waste compaction plant at Pinkham Way in Friern Barnet. 

The Labour and Conservative councillors on the authority have delayed the plan, because they don't want to discuss Pinkham Way during the election campaign. We do!
  • Total waste volumes in North London and across Britain are falling fast. The NLWA might have to bring in rubbish from other areas to meet volume targets agreed with Pinkham Way contractors.
  • Barnet's recycling rate of little more than 30% could quickly be raised to 50% or more, a figure already achieved by some councils around Britain.
  • Many municipalities across Europe and the United States have achieved re-use and recycling rates of 70%, 80% and even 90%.
  • Barnet Greens have proposed 38 ways in which Barnet and other boroughs could reduce, re-use and recycle a greater proportion of waste, lowering still further the need for an MBT at Pinkham Way. See:

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  1. While I agree that the issue has not been discussed, the first para is actually wrong.

    The applications are on hold will not begin to be validated until after the Inspector's report on the NLWP is issued - scheduled in October. This will probably be delayed because there is further consultation to be done on the Haringey Core Strategy in the light of the new Planning Framework.

    This will start in 2-3 weeks and last 6 weeks, after which the Inspector for Haringey has to write his report, which of course includes his conclusions re PW. The NLWP inspector is in turn obliged to take this into consideration, which will probably delay things further.

    Thus nothing will happen re the planning applications until at least towards the end of the year, whatever the egregious Coleman would like to happen.