Thursday, 5 April 2012

Broken Barnet: "A showcase to the world: how to kill a library, Broken Barnet style"

Link to Mrs Angry's Broken Barnet
(pic: Barnet Press)

"The Cabinet committee was scheduled for an hour. ... A little girl called Hannah approached the table, and really, you would have had to have a heart of stone not to be touched by what she had to say: couldn't they all see what an amazing difference to their lives a library makes - please listen, she asked, before getting up and walking away sadly. Of course the Tory Cabinet members do have hearts of stone, so she was wasting her time.

"... The best speech came from a young boy called Oscar. Addressing a committee is a daunting experience for anyone, but he was simply brilliant: he took the written response to his question regarding the 18 roads that must be crossed on the way to North Finchley, and expertly deconstructed their arguments, and asked them 'Why can't you see children will not be able to get there?'

"Council Leader Cornelius applauded his 'eloquence', as did we all, and expressed his view that shutting Friern Barnet library was for the greater good, a necessary sacrifice. Oscar was not impressed."

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