Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Recycling Wars prequel: "Episode III: Revenge of the Sheep"

Link to WRAP Wales (PDF report)

"This report examines the relative merits of the options that are available to local authorities in Wales for the collection and sorting of dry recyclable materials. The central focus of the work is around the long-running debate on the relative performance of co-mingled, two-stream and kerbside sort dry recycling collection systems in relation to the Welsh Assembly Government’s sustainability objectives."

"A key objective of Towards Zero Waste, the overarching waste strategy document for Wales, is for 70% of household waste to be recycled by 2025. This objective will be underpinned by statutory recycling targets for individual local authorities. 

"In this context, ... consultants were commissioned by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) to examine the relative merits of different dry recycling collection systems in relation to WAG’s sustainability objectives. 

"The study considered co-mingled, two-stream and kerbside sort collection systems, taking account of the overall financial, environmental and social impacts associated with each collection system. It is WAG’s intention that the findings of this research should inform the policy framework, within which local authorities will deliver the major changes to their services that will be required in order for 70% recycling to be achieved."

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