Sunday, 29 April 2012

[Reposted from October] Two faces of Barnet politicians: one face Brent Cross, the other Cat Hill

Adapted from an item on the web site of Barnet's 'Mr Mustard':
"Move along now - no hypocrisy to see here! or nimbyism?"

"There is a proposed development by Middlesex University of their Cat Hill Campus, in the London Borough of Enfield. Here it is; it looks like a reasonable use of the space." [Link to Cat Hill campaign web site.]

 "[Yet] this massive Brent Cross development [below, already approved by Barnet Council] will cause horrible traffic congestion, and make Barnet a much less green borough."

"Barnet Cabinet Member, Councillor Robert Rams, commented,
“This development will have a huge impact on our residents. These proposed tower blocks are not in keeping with our community, and will put a huge strain on our services and roads.”
Which project was he referring to?

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