Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Broken Barnet: "The long goodbye: Brian Coleman's last full Barnet council as a London Assembly Member"

"[Judging by last night's council meeting,] the Tory party in Barnet is in complete disarray - scattering in different directions like a flock of panicking sheep suddenly catching sight of the lorry from the local abbattoir." 

Link to Mrs Angry's 'Broken Barnet'
(Vivat Regina)

"... Obviously by anyone else's standard, Brian Coleman's performance was still a showcasing of the most impossibly obnoxious, hard-faced defiance in the face of all common sense, but it was delivered in a new, touchy-feely Coleman way. He said at one point that we (the royal we) are, yes, listening to people. When I say people, I mean fellow Tories, not residents, of course. Fellow Tories who are lining up in their senatorial togas and brandishing newly polished, shiny knives. 

"Brian is making sacrifices to the Gods, to mitigate the risk of political assasination - this requires some pretence of retraction of policy, and is a gory sight, but ultimately futile."

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