Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Broken Barnet: "Decline and Fall: The Last Days of the Brian Coleman Empire"

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"Coleman has a date with destiny, on May 3rd. At last, every mean act he has committed in the years of his political meddling, here in Broken Barnet and beyond, will come back to him, in the form of not-so-instant karma, and he will, or so we fervently pray, be removed from his position as our Assembly member, and also as the Chair of the London fire authority. [But since he is a Barnet councillor, not from the North London Waste Authority.]

"... Like one of the more deranged Roman emperors he has believed in his own godlike powers to the point of lunacy, and this self indulgence has now delivered him to a dark corner of the palace, where it is only a matter of time before poison is slipped into his wine, or the Praetorian guard come out of the shadows to despatch him."

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