Saturday, 14 April 2012

First Friern Barnet Pop-up Library

(More pictures)

Plus report from web site: "The Big Smoke

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"... On April 5th the library was closed, and campaigners decided not to take that decision lying down. Today we saw the first 'pop-up library' outside the closed building, where local people donated books, cakes, teas and all sorts, all of it available to loan for free.

"One volunteer, Frances Hewson, said
"This is the last community space in the area. There’s several schools in the area and all the kids use the library. They’ve sold the town hall and now the nearest library is North Finchley, and that’s being closed too! This is one of the poorer parts of the borough, people don’t have the same access to transport and it is difficult to go further afield."


  1. Most amusing. Just wait. I will get you back, just when you least expect it ...