Saturday, 2 July 2011

New Trains on the Piccadilly Line (with partial air-conditioning): coming when?

2011 Transforming the Tube by scribdstorage

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(the Piccadilly Line is what is known in the PR world as 'a dotted line')

The last original Victoria Line train apparently went to 'meet its breaker', this weekend. 

Here are two videos – of building the line...

No helmets, or gloves, or (probably) steel-capped boots
– not ALL of "elf'n'safety" is rubbish!

and opening it...

 Look closely at the train cab - one famous story seems to be true:
The manager ignored the lower ranks, and asked the Queen
to start the train, but nothing happened.
The driver eventually pointed out to him that he
"had to close the bloody window".

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