Thursday, 7 July 2011

What Passes for 'Leadership' in the Borough of Barnet

Perhaps you would explain all
this to David Cameron, Mike?

Mike Freer MP was the Leader of the Borough of Barnet who rail-roaded through the 'Brent Cross Cricklewood' plan (£4.5-billion, 20-year, 29,000 extra-cars-a-day, and a scheme now in some trouble). 

He did this, despite obvious and serious deficiencies in planning consultation, long-term democratic control, transport issues, waste incineration, existing housing destruction, and environmental considerations. 

In fact, at the Barnet planning committee, many pro-scheme comments, including from Mike himself, were tempered with "we know there are faults, but it's the best we can get".

Mike Freer ran Barnet Council during several years of the on-going Metpro scandal (see this week's 'Private Eye'), Icelandic bank losses, Aerodrome Road massive overspend, loss of financial control, ...

Despite previously being made 'Banker of the Year' by 'Private Eye' for his (lack of) financial skills, he offers Mr Cameron some macro-economic advice ...

(courtesy of 'Barnet Eye')

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