Thursday, 7 July 2011

6 July Enfield full Council report

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The meeting was rearranged, to discuss Pinkham Way as the first major item (it was then debated for about an-hour-and-a-half!)

This Conservative Party motion was tabled:
"Enfield Council resolves to:
  • object to the identification of Pinkham Way as a suitable site for waste recycling, treatment and related uses in the North London Waste Plan, and

  • call upon Haringey Council to apply rigorously the sequential test advocated in the NLWP in order to reject any planning application for waste uses on the Pinkham Way site."
There was a Labour amendment, to 'delete all' (we assume) and replace with:
  1. "Enfield Council recognises:
    1. The Mayor's London Plan waste targets for self-sufficiency and the Mayor's emerging draft replacement London Plan's aspirations for regional self-sufficiency for waste management.
    2. That a decision was taken in 2009 to include Pinkham Way n the NLWP.
    3. That Cllr Neville, then Enfield Council's Cabinet member for Environment and the Street Scene, chaired the NLWP.
    4. That a decision was taken by the NLWA to buy Pinkham Way from Barnet Council in 2009.
    5. That in 2009, when the decison was taken to buy Pinkham Way from Barnet Council, Cllr Lavender, the Deputy Leader of Enfield Council and Vice-chair of NLWA, and Cllr Hurer, then a Cabinet member of Enfield Council, represented Enfield Council on the NLWA.
    6. That in May 2010, there was a change of administration in Enfield, from Conservative to Labour, and its nominations to the NLWP and the NLWA changed.
  2. This Council further recognises that Enfield and its residents have borne the responsibility of managing more than their share of waste arising from the seven authorities that make up the NLWA. Therefore, the Council believes that there should be no increase in the management of waste at the Edmonton Eco-Park or elsewhere in the London Borough of Enfield.
  3. Therefore, this Council calls upon the Leader of the Council and the Leader of the Oppositon to write to the Leader of Barnet Council that Barnet Council should withdraw its proposal to park its refuse vehicles at Pinkham Way.
  4. This Council believes that the outline planning application to Haringey Council for Pinkham Way should not be determined before the outcome of the Examination in Public of the NLWP.
  5. That the Leader of the Council should write to the Leader of Haringey Council with the full text of this motion."
This Amendment was carried, and then, as the substantive motion, was, er, carried again.

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